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Ultimate Package (Handbook, DVD, And CD)


Ultimate Package
Musician’s Handbook Revised Edition
Musician’s Crash Course: Live DVD Footage
The Musician’s Crash Course: Interview Series
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Ultimate Package



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“Bobby’s materials are well organized and fun. I got lots out of this stuff and have already started to incorporate his steps.”
Ian Farish


Why get one great product when you can get all three and save $15.00? The Ultimate package features The Musician’s Handbook Revised Edition, (Autographed), The Musician’s Crash Course: Live DVD Footage, and The Musician’s Crash Course: Interview Series. There is no way better way to learn about the music business than to read, watch, and then hear about it—utilizing all the methods by which we learn. You’ll gain a broad perspective of the music business and save. This is a limited website offer so act now.


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Musician’s Handbook, Revised Edition

The musician who wrote the book for musicians, Bobby Borg, is back with The Musician’s Handbook, Revised Edition: A Practical Guide To Understanding The Music Business (Billboard Books). This edition contains even more exclusive interviews and behind-the-scene information on what really happens behind the curtains and closed doors, and sheds light on what life is like for musicians in front of the bright lights and in the back rooms of the industry.
     The Musician’s Handbook provides thirteen revised and updated chapters covering every aspect of the music industry, including publishing and recording royalties, attorney fees, the costs and benefits of managers and bookkeepers and much more. Bobby Borg uses his experience both as a touring artist, producing consultant, and UCLA music business educator to deliver the latest in new royalty rates, structures for the digital age, new industry contacts, addresses, and websites. Whether read cover-to-cover or used as a reference for certain aspects of the music industry, such as understanding copyright law in today’s new music business or knowing how to avoid the hidden pitfalls throughout the industry, Bobby Borg’s The Musician ‘s Handbook is a must-have for every aspiring, up–and­–coming, and veteran musician in the business!



Musician’s Crash Course: Live DVD Footage


Bobby Borg’s Musician’s Crash Course: Live DVD Footage features over twenty-five top industry guests in panel discussions, class lectures, and chalkboard presentations. This is “Reality” Music Biz 101. Get career-changing answers to important questions and issues with this 75-minute presentation based on Borg’s UCLA class and best selling Billboard publication The Musician’s Handbook. Courses Included: Pursuing A Career In The New Music Industry, Understanding Business Relationships, Putting Together Your Professional Team, Record Royalties & Advances/Sales & Distribution, Music Publishing, Live Performance/Touring/Merchandising, Bonus Footage with heated debates, song critiques, and interviews.

     Take The Crash Course Here, So That You Don’t Crash And Burn Out There!


The Musician’s Crash Course: Interview Series

The Musician’s Crash Course Interview Series features a broad overview of the music business based on the best-selling book The Musician’s Handbook. Interview hosts Holleywood & Brewski of FLORID-ALIVE Productions lead 45 minutes of audio interviews on a variety of key topics that you want and need to hear. Read the book and listen to the CD. This is Music Business While Your Mobile



Author Information

Bobby Borg is a former Major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a BA in Professional Music, he serves as a music business educator at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and at the University of Los Angeles in California, and he also arranges educational programs with institutions overseas.



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Billboard Books: An imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications

Tuffy Productions & Bobby Borg

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Couldn't Put It Down

By Malcolm Guess, Artist/ Fan


Hi Bobby, I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago after attending the DIY workshop to ask you a question about setting up a band agreement.  You told me that it was covered in chapter two of The Musician’s Handbook; so I went out and purchased it the next day.  I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN AFTER I STARTED READING IT!!  It was great!  It seems, that always in my life, books come to me at the exact time when I need to read them.  Your book was the epitome of this synchronicity. I've ready many other music business books and wasn't quite sure what I could possibly get from reading another one.  As it is, I got a WHOLE lot! Thank you.



Extensive and Thorough
By Tom Schulte


BOBBY, I am looking through your books and find the information to be extensive and thorough. Many times I talk to would-be career musicians and this is exactly the sort of resource I want to point them to.



Thank you for the inspiration!
By C-Diz


I've been a drummer since I was 13, just over 10 years now.  Since I've been playing with various musical groups I've always dreamed of getting signed to a major label.  Now at the age of 23, having a undergrad degree in business I'm more influenced by your books and website to pursue drumming as a business and taking it as far as I can imagine.  I have more knowledge about my real drumming goals now than before I discovered your works.  Thank you for the inspiration!



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