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Music Marketing For The DIY Musician

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Why Should You Read This Book?

How Is The Book Different?
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Music Marketing For The DIY Musician


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“Bobby Borg is a DIY music marketing genius! In Music Marketing for the DIY Musician, he intelligently lays out exactly how you should approach your career as an independent artist, because he has truly mastered every dimension of the process: researching, goal-setting, branding, pricing, distributing, promoting, and executing.”—
Nance Rosen, MBA;, Author, Speak Up! and former Marketing Executive with The Coca-Cola Company


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Why Should You Read This Book?

More and more artists are taking advantage of new technologies to independently build awareness, make sales, and leverage favorable industry deals. But in this expanding competitive marketplace overflowing largely with hopeful artists and fly-by-night services, serious do-it-yourself musicians need structured advice more than ever from an artist that’s lived through the business and succeeded.

Written for musicians by a veteran musician, Music Marketing for the DIY Musician is a strategic, step-by-step guide to producing a fully customized, low-budget plan of attack for marketing one’s music. Presented in a conversational tone, it reveals the complete marketing process using the same fundamental concepts used by top innovative companies, while always encouraging musicians to find their creative niche and uphold their artistic vision. It’s the perfect blend of left-brain and rightbrain marketing.

Rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that this book is not about using "hope" as a strategy, or just trendy tools and services that can "help you do things right." It’s about taking more control of your own destiny and doing the right things by professionally planning, strategizing, and executing a fully integrated, customized Marketing Plan of Attack.™ It will help you to save time and money, rise above all of the clutter, and eventually attract the attention of top industry pros. Ultimately, this book is about making quality music that matters, and music that’s heard!



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How is This Book Different?

  • It is written specifically for DIY musicians by a musician with DIY, indie, and major label success, making it a more credible, focused, practical, and relatable resource for artists.
  • It covers the complete marketing process—from vision through execution—with handy templates and samples in each chapter to help artists create fully-customized marketing plans one step at a time.
  • It provides an integrated mix of online and offline strategies extending far beyond just the traditional "4 Ps" of marketing and the latest Internet and social media promotion tips.
  • It introduces sophisticated business and research tools (SWOT, SMART, AIDA, and PFB Charts) not found in most music marketing books, enabling artists to choose more confidently and even scientifically the right strategies for their own career path.
  • It includes both real-world anecdotes and short tips in text boxes and afterthoughts to break up the text, and exclusive interviews with noted professionals to provide broad perspectives—interviews include: Jeff Hinkle, Business Manager at GSO Business Management; Nance Rosen, Business Consultant at Sandler Training; and Ira Kalb, President of Kalb & Associates.
  • It contains a detailed glossary of key marketing terms, a resource guide of over 300 DIY and low-budget services, a complete sample Marketing Plan of Attack™, and twenty timesaving exercises for "strengthening your marketing muscles," from finding industry mentors to aligning with major marketing associations.
  • It provides a website link where helpful templates and sample forms can be found.



Industry Testimonials

“Bobby’s systematic, practical approach to marketing will give DIY musicians the edge they need to break through the clutter. He clearly understands the entrepreneurial side of a successful career in the new music business, and this book provides the pathways.”

Don Gorder,, Chair, Music Business/Management Department at Berklee College of Music



“Bobby Borg takes real planning strategies overlooked in most music marketing books and applies them practically to musicians seeking success. The roadmap he lays out creates a step-by-step process for maximizing the chances of an artist reaching their career goals in today’s music business. A must-read!”
Tony Van Veen, CEO, CD Baby & Disc Makers



“The same Fortune 500 business tools intelligently simplified for musicians on a budget. By empowering artists to take charge of their careers, this book is the DIY musician’s guide to marketing like a CEO.”
Michael Levine,, Founder of Levine Communication Office (LCO) representing Prince Ozzy Osbourne and Michael Jackson; and Author of Guerrilla PR.



“Bobby’s book goes far beyond music marketing and where the industry is today, encouraging artists to innovate and strategize their careers for tomorrow”
Brian Perera,, Founder of Cleopatra Records



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Author's Short Bio

As a former Major label, Independent, and DIY recording/touring artist, I have over 25 years experience working with the most respected management firms, A&R representatives, music producers, music publishers, equipment manufacturers, songwriters, and journalists. I'm a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a BA in Professional Music and agraduate of UCLA Extension with a certificate in Instructor Development, Project Management, and Marketing. For over a decade I have been teaching a class called DIY Music Marketing at Musicians Institute and UCLA Extension where I received the Distinguished Instructor of The Year award. I am also the author of The Musicians Handbook (first published by Billboard/Random House in 2003 and revised in 2008) that is used in some of the finest schools around the country. The VP of Special Events for The American Marketing Association Los Angeles Chapter, and the founder of a thriving music consulting company in Hollywood, I speak with literally thousands of artists and music professionals year-round. I can be contacted at




Hal Leonard Corporation

PO Box 13819

Milwaukee, WI 53213


A Note From The Author



As a musician, consultant, and educator, my mission has always been simple: To help music professionals turn their art into a more successful business. But over the years I've identified an important void in the marketplace: Nothing has been written for musicians by a musician with extensive professional experience, that includes fundamental marketing concepts used by the most successful companies, and that contains easyto- follow templates to help DIY artists budget their precious time and money. At a time when new technologies enable talented artists to act as their own independent record labels, there is clearly a need for a practical, DIY, step-by-step guide that presents tried-and-tested marketing advice in a modern way. Music Marketing For The DIY Musician is the culmination of twenty-five years in the trenches as a professional musician and entrepreneur, and over a decade in academic and practical research that has involved thousands of independent artists and marketing experts from around the world.

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Customer Reviews



A Huge Help

By Rachel Taaffe

This book has been a HUGE help to me. I've used the information and templates in the book to write my own marketing plan of attack as an independent artist; something that previously seemed daunting and overwhelming. The book clearly outlines each step of the process, how to go about each section and sparks a great amount of creativity and out of the box thinking. Borg did a really great job making a huge task, easy to digest and follow. The info in this book is useful and relative to anyone taking on a new business endeavor. It is also information coming from a successful artist himself who can relate and understand more deeply than the typical "author" or "businessman". Easy to comprehend, clear, relative and does an amazing job making sense of a business that often seems impossible to stay on top of. Highly recommend !!


Helps You Create A Strong Foundation

By kyle d. williams

This book has helped in the ways of bringing in my brand, all the ideas of what it might be and what it could be, what it is and what it isn't. Upon doing so you can focus your energy on the strong holds and create a foundation that can be built upon. Discovering the direction to lead your brand into can be a scatterbrained operation, the templates clearly fill these holes and Voila, you have a cup that holds water.


Your Bible Has Arrived!

Dr. Charles Michael Austin, Ed.D.

Attention DIY musicians: your bible has arrived. This is a comprehensive, thorough analysis and guide to how to navigate the music industry from The Man Who Knows. Read it. Use it.


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