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Why Should You Read This Book?

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Music Marketing For The DIY Musician



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“An exceptionally well-written, thorough, and competent book for an author who is a non-attorney. Bobby’s book is extremely valuable to anyone trying to understand the music business.”—
Peter Paterno, the law offices of King, Holmes, Peterno & Berlinger, representing Metallica, D.R. Dre, and Pearl Jam.


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Why Should You Read This Book?

There has never been a greater need for musicians to understand the business of music than now, when emerging technologies make it possible for artists to act as their own record labels, and new contracts are structured to grab the greatest share of an artist’s revenue pie. But in a digital age overflowing with confusing and ever-changing information, musicians need trusted business advice from a veteran artist who can break-down the basics in a language they understand.

Written by a professional musician for other musicians, Business Basics For Musicians is the "laypersons guide to the music industry." Written in a conversational tone and an easy-to-scan format, it simplifies five vital areas that musicians need to succeed: Career Execution, Business Relationships, Pro Teams, Deals and Dollars, and Future Predictions. Everything from copyright, to record deals, to managers, to merchandising, to doing it yourself is covered. With pro interviews, anecdotes, and review quizzes, it’s the complete handbook from start to success.



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How is This Book Different?

Business Basics For Musicians contains invaluable tips for artists pursuing a career in music that only a trusted musician who’s lived through it can reveal. Along with my first-hand experiences and knowledge of the music business, this book includes one-on-one interviews, real-life anecdotes, and invaluable wisdom from a variety of industry professionals giving this book a broader perspective and universal appeal. Even more beneficial to the reader, Business Basics For Musicians is written by someone who’s not affiliated to any one corporate entity; so there’s is no question of bias—I’m able to offer candid views on every aspect of the music business. Fledgling attorneys, personal managers, producers, and anyone else interested in the music business can also benefit from reading this book by gaining a solid foundation of the industry and an invaluable perspective of the artists they plan to represent.



Industry Testimonials

“In this day and age, it's irresponsible for an artist to enter the music industry without having a grasp of the business. This book should be required reading by all industry neophytes.”

Steve Vai,, internationally renown guitarist



“If you can read this sentence, you are already more than qualified to be an international rock superstar. If you can read this book, you might even get your music into the marketplace with a price tag on it; and actually make a couple of bucks in the process, too.”
Mike Innez, Alice In Chains



“Thoughtful, insightful, sobering and –– above all –– useful insights and advice for anyone in need of a roadmap through the tangled jungle that is the new music industry.”
Mark Nardone,, Senior Editor, Music Connection Magazine



“As a veteran of both the creative and business sides of the industry, Bobby has the background necessary to assist artists and explain the changes in the business in a way that is easily understood.”
Steve Winogradsky,, Attorney and Author, Music Publishing: The Complete Guide.



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Author's Short Bio

I’m a former major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience working along side the most respected managers, producers, and A&R executives in the music industry. As an adjunct professor of music business, I teach at Musician Institute and UCLA Extension where I received the Distinguished Instructor of The Year award, and speak at Berklee College of Music and other prominent schools worldwide. I’m the author of The Musicians Handbook, Music Marketing For The DIY Musician, and over 1,000 magazine and blog articles. The founder of Bobby Borg Consulting, I assist rising music professionals globally. I live in Los Angeles. My website is




Hal Leonard Corporation

PO Box 13819

Milwaukee, WI 53213


A Note From The Author



When setting out to revise The Musician’s Handbook (my first work used by top schools and talented artists nationwide), my objective was to carry the tradition by providing the most up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information in a casual tone. But, as I considered the vast changes in the music industry today, and studied the way in which information is consumed in our fast-paced/high-tech world, I identified a need for an extraordinary rendition of a classic—one that breaks-down the basics into shorter bite-sized chapters, bullet-pointed text, and boxed anecdotes, and that helps musicians navigate fundamental career matters from start to success. Business Basics For Musicians is the "laypersons guide to the music industry." It simplifies core essentials and decodes the latest issues, so that artists can focus more confidently on what they do best—create music!

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Customer Reviews



A Detailed Explanation

Mayur Gidh, India

A really in detailed explanation about what an artist should do to get into music industry. A must read book for all artist and manager's out there who are looking to be successful in music industry.


The First and Only Book You’ll Need

Steve Rosen, Los Angeles, CA

The recently published Revised Edition encompasses all the elements of the original book and a lot more. Borg was a working musician and he well understands what it means to be down in the trenches. He pulls no punches and highlights various aspects with anecdotal tales and little vignettes involving recognizable artists. In less than 300 pages, this provides a lifeline for any musician who has felt like he/she was drowning in the vast ocean of the music business. Read this and avoid the sharks. Read this and arm yourself with the information and knowledge you'll require to make it as a professional working musician. I am a 30-year veteran music journalist and this is the first book I turn to whenever I have a question about anything music. It needs to be on your bookshelf. Buy it right now.


One Stop Shop

Matthew Nollora, Fontana, California

After reading just a few chapters of this book, I've learned more about the ins and outs of the music industry than I have ever been told about. Before it seems that people in the industry would slam their doors shut. Bobby Borg literally gave me an opportunity to find those open doors, if not, open windows. All in all, this book is literally the one-stop shop for any serious aspiring musician wanting to know about the most up-to-date information about the music industry.


How Not to Get Screwed!

Courtney Stumpf , Hollwood, CA

A must for any serious musician. In fact, it is a must for anyone who is in the entertainment business. The book can easily be applied to any job that requires promotion and legality. It will show you with a first hand look at how to not be screwed in the business. The easy to follow and understand text really makes this book stand out from other guides. This is an amazing book and a must read.


Practically a Self Help Book

Scott Meissner

I’m only about halfway through your book, but I had to write to you. It is probably the greatest Music Business book I have ever read. Not only is it a how to book, but it’s also a best quote collaboration book, and practically a self help book. I just had to tell you that I am really enjoying your book. Are you going to be in the Milwaukee/Chicago area anytime soon? Thank you.


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