Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

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Business Basics for Musicians

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Music Business Quiz

1) Pick one thing that a music supervisor (or any other music company looking for great music), does not look for when critiquing songs.

2) How do you “ initially” copyright a song?

3) What is not a benefit of registering your compositions with the copyright office in Washington, D.C?

4) What is the “term” of copyright protection for all works written today?

5) What are four sources of income (earned by the author/owner of a composition) that can be directly derived from music publishing?

6) Dating back to 1909, the statutory mechanical rate was $.02 per composition. On what date did an increase in this rate become effective?

7) What does PRO stand for? And who are the three in the US?

8) What is one function of a PRO?

9) What is the standard “synch” fee (if any) you should receive for placing your compositions in a film or television commercial?

10) What famous film composer scores most of Spielberg’s films?

11) For students of Music Publishing at UCLA: How excited are you to take this class?

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