Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

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Business Basics for Musicians

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News Flash > New Book: Music Marketing For The DIY Musician. ON Sale NOW

New Book: Music Marketing For The DIY Musician. ON Sale NOW


By Bobby Borg

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Music Marketing for the DIY Musician is the perfect blend of right-brain and left-brain marketing. It encourages artists to stay true to their musical vision and artistic integrity, while showing them how to apply tried-and-tested business fundamentals to build a strategic plan of attack. 



Bobby Borg takes real planning strategies overlooked in most music marketing books and applies them practically to musicians seeking success. The roadmap he lays out creates a step-by-step process for maximizing the chances of an artist reaching their music career goals. A must-read!

  —Tony van Veen, CEO, CD Baby & Disc Makers



“Bobby’s systematic, practical approach to marketing will give DIY musicians the edge they need to break through the clutter.  He clearly understands the entrepreneurial side of a successful career in music, and this book provides the pathways.”

— Don Gorder. Chair, Music Business/Management Department. Berklee College of Music



“The same Fortune 500 business tools intelligently simplified for musicians on a budget. Empowering artists to take charge of their careers, it’s the DIY musician’s guide to marketing like a CEO. ”

—Michael Levine, Founder of Levine Communication Office (LCO) representing Prince Ozzy Osbourne and Michael Jackson; and Author of Guerrilla PR.


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