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Rudimental Combinations

Condition your hands and master the rudiments with a unique method that isolates each rudimental group in a variety of exercises and etude solos. Read More or:


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Practical Applications To Understanding Rhythm

Learn the fundamentals of rhythmic notation with a method that quickly moves you from exercises and etude solos to playing a variety of grooves and fills. The days of learning to read music the tedious way—spending months on a practice pad—or are long over!

Fundamental Feels

Learn the fundamentals of common styles: Latin, Jazz (chart reading, and brush strokes), Funk-linear, Rock (double bass), Bossa Nova, Rhumba, and much more. This book is like five books in one!

There’s More To 4/4 

Learn a new approach to playing fills and solos through the application of rhythmic groupings. This book is guaranteed to open your mind up to endless new possibilities.

There’s More To 4/4 For Double Bass

Apply a variety of rhythmic groupings to double bass drums and expand your vocabulary for playing fills and solos. Included is the application of three, four, five, six, seven-note groupings and more.

Progressive Steps To Creative Fills

Learn modern, tasteful, and extremely useful techniques for playing fills and solos through the study of 16th note permutations and embellishments. This book is guaranteed to increase your creativity!

Rudimental Grooves

Develop interesting and challenging grooves using rudiments. Flam accents, double strokes, single strokes, and much more are included. This is also a great book for developing four-way independence.

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