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Bobby Borg is an international recording and touring musician with over 25 years of experience in music. He has worked with a variety of artists and in a variety of styles at the major label, Independent, and DIY capacity. He studied with some of some of the world’s best drummers and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Borg teaches music privately with a student-base that spans the country. He authored several drum instructional books and his techniques have been published in Modern Drummer magazine. As a performer, Borg is most noted for his solid and energetic style. As an instructor, he is regarded for his organizational skills and enthusiasm. A number of major equipment manufacturers endorse him.

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Bands / Recordings / Tours
Drum Books and Techniques
Drum Instruction



Warrant (BMG / CMC Records)
Style: Rock
•    Position: Member/Co-Publisher
•    Recordings: Warrant Live and Belly To Belly
•    Tours: US / Japan / Europe / Mexico
      1) Alice Cooper
      2) Vine Neil
      3) Slaughter
      4) LA Guns
      5) Bang Tango
      6) Ice-T

Beggars & Thieves (Atlantic Records)
•    Style: Rock
•    Position: Member/Co-Publisher
•    Recordings: Beggars & Thieves
•    Tours: US
      1) Dokken
      2) Tesla

Left For Dead (Alpha Music Japan / Perris Records-USA)
•    Style: Alternative Rock
•    Position: Founder/Co-Publisher
•    Recordings: Beatings From Orlando
•    Tours: U.S Only
      1) Warrant

Joe Cook (RCA Records)
•    Style: R&B/ Soul / Blues
•    Position: Sideman
•    Recordings: Lady From The Beauty Shop
•    Tours: US East Coast: MA, NY, ME, VA, PA, RI...
      1) Bo-Didley
      2) Lionell Hampton

Xkape (Rock House Records)
•    Style: Rock
•    Position: Founder/Co-Publisher
•    Recordings: Xkape and You Knower
•    Tours: US East Coast: MA, NJ, FL

Matrix Fulcrum
(Wooden Bonehead Records)
•    Style: Progressive Rock
•    Position: Founder/Co-Publisher
•    Recordings: Matrix Fulcrum 1 and Matrix Fulcrum 2
•    Tours: US East Coast: NJ, NY

And Many More



Four-Year Conservatory & Collectives

Berklee College of Music
•    Area of study: BA In Professional Music

•    Scholarship Awards: Outstanding Achievement in the Berklee   

     Concert series
•    Ramapo College Jazz Series
•    University of Wisconsin Drummer’s Symposium
•    New York City Drummer’s Collective

Extensive Private Instruction:

•    Kenwood Dennard (Sting, Jaco Pastorious)
•    Tony DiNicola (Harry James Big Band, Professor of Music at

     Trenton State College)
•    Garry Chaffee (Internationally Renown Instructor)

Additional Private Instruction:

•    Tommy Campbell (Kevin Eubanks)
•    Lenny White (Return to Forever)
•    Danny Gottlieb (Pat Matheny)
•    Billy Hart (Miles Davis)
•    Ed Shaunessey (Tonight Show Band)
•    Michael Deroiser (Heart)


Select Course Study (Classic Books)

•    Syncopation By Ted Reed
•    Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer by Jim Chappin
•    Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone
•    The All American Drummer By Charlie Willcoxin
•    Portraits In Rhythm by Anthony Cerone
•    Contemporary Studies by Fred Albright
•    Modern School For The Snare by Morris Goldberg
•    Modern School For The Xylophone/Marimba By Morris Goldberg
•    The Gary Chafee Series: Ostinatos, Linear and Cross-Rhythmic


Certificate Studies

UCLA Extension
•    Area of study: Instructor Development including:
      o    Curriculum Development
      o    Presentation Skills,
      o    Ethics in the Professions
      o    Evaluating the Student
      o    Adding the Global Perspective
      o    Designing the One or Two-Day Course
      o    Web Tools and Techniques for Educators



•    Rhythm Tech Percussion
•    Aquarian Heads
•    Pearl Drum Corporation
•    Tama Drums
•    Main Line Sticks
•    Vic Firth
•    Remo
•    Zildjian
•    Sabian
•    Shure
•    Groove Juice
•    H3 Drum Science
•    Hard Case



•    Rudimental Combinations. Click here to Purchase.
•    Practical Applications To Understanding Rhythm
•    Fundamental Feels
•    There’s More To 4/4 
•    There’s More To 4/4 For Double Bass
•    Progressive Steps To Creative Fills
•    Rudimental Grooves




Bobby Borg is available for private and institutional drum instruction in the Los Angeles area. He is also available seasonally on the New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey area. To contact Bobby Borg, click here.