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As a moderator, panelist, sponsor, key note speaker, and organizer Borg contributes to major industry panels for organizations like The California Lawyers For The Arts, SXSW, and Taxi Road Rally, and sits beside noted guests like Todd Brabeck (ASCAP), Joe DiMona (BMI), and Dina LaPolt (LaPolt Law).  He also speaks to a series of songwriter groups like Songsalive, Songnet, and Just Plain Folks and arranges educational opportunities for international institutions as well including, most recently, Moscow University. Borg is noted for his energy, clarity, organization, real-word experiences, and for his classes based on his best selling books: Business Basics For Musicians and Music Marketing For The DIY MusicianFor bookings, click here to contact Borg.



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Previous Appearances Include

Key Topics Discussed

Borg’s Classes / Seminar Outlines


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Letters / Testimonials

Seminar Bios: Medium & Short

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Previous Appearances Include:


•    California Lawyers For The Arts, Pepperdine Law School

•    Taxi Road Rally, Radisson LAX

•    DIY Reporter, American Film Institute

•    Call To The Arts, Cal State Northridge

•    LA Music Productions, Knitting Factory

•    Songwriter’s Network, Coffee Gallery

•    Songs Alive, UCLA’s Young Hall

•    South By Southwest, Austin Texas

•    Poly Tech University at Pomona

•    Chapman Law School

•    Berklee College of Music

•    University of Miami

•    Musicians Institute

•    Moscow University, Moscow, Russia




Key Topics Discussed:


•    Finding a balance between your art and your business

•    DIY music marketing strategies on a low budget

•    Getting signed in the current state of the recording industry

•    Majors versus Indies versus DIY

•    Building your professional team

•    Understanding key contract terms and revenue streams

•    Formulating realistic goals beyond the fantasy media



Borg’s Classes / Seminar Outlines:

*Seminars Can Be Catered To Your Institution’s or Convention’s Need


The Musician’s Crash Course: This course offers a broad perspective of the music business for anyone interested in understanding the basics. The class is subdivided into four main categories covering numerous topics: Pursuing A Career In The Music Business, Understanding Business Relationships, Key Players in Your Career, and Sources of Revenue.


DIY Music Marketing: This class offers Do-it-Yourself Music Marketing grass roots strategies that utilize a zero to limited-dollar budget. Basic marketing concepts include: defining your format, identifying your target audience, conceptualizing your image, realizing your positioning, and defining your brand. Further discussions on creating and executing a personal marketing plan of attack including gigging, radio, Internet, sponsorships, and much more.


Introduction to Music Publishing: A Creative and Business Perspective: Topics demystified include how to get a publishing deal; what publishers look for in a hit song and songwriter; copyright basics; how co-writers divide percentages in a composition; when the producer gets credit; protecting your compositions: PA and SR forms; what publishing companies can do for your career, and much more.

Getting Seen / Getting Heard / Getting Signed: In this intensive workshop Bobby Borg discusses the realities of the music business in contrast what we see on MTV and read about in Rolling Stone Magazine (i.e., the fairy tales). Topics include: Types of Recording Deals, What getting signed may really mean (Advances / Royalties), Whether you are Really Ready for that Deal Just Yet, How To Build Leverage in Your Career, How To Create Your Own Destiny By Being Proactive, and How to Objectively and Subjectively Critique Your Songs & Product.


Important Tips To Consider On Your Path To Success: This class covers motivational and proactive strategies that work! Though there are no rules or guidelines that can ensure a prosperous and long lasting career in the music business, there are number of proven tips passed down from seasoned professionals that will at least point you in the right direction. Topics include: Analyze Your Career Motivations, Set Realistic Goals For Yourself, Prepare For The Long Haul By Becoming Financially Sound, Overcome Rejection By Learning Not To Take It Personally, Let Go Of Your Fears And Learn How To Go For It, Know Your Limitations And Exploit Your Strengths, Deal With Age Discrimination in the Marketplace, and so much more.



Educational Credentials/Awards and Honors:


•    B.A in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston

•    Certificate in Instructor Development from the University of

     California in Los Angeles (UCLA)

•    Certificate in Marketing from the University of

     California in Los Angeles (UCLA)

•    Certificate in Project Management from the University of

     California in Los Angeles (UCLA)

•    Special Awards and Honors:  Outstanding Participation in the

     Berklee Concert Series



Booking Information: 


Bobby Borg

Mail to:



Letters / Testimonials


"Bobby, I attended your talk on Friday morning at the Taxi Road Rally and I am straight up serious that you my friend have changed my life...of all the people I saw that weekend, you really reached me like none has ever done…you are a godsend to any musician at any level. I believe your teachings can also teach us to be better people in general. Thank so much."

—Mike Brownstein


“It was very insightful to attend your workshop. I really enjoyed the

'way' you delivered your information as well. You seem like a real

person, and you know how to speak to your peers on a level that is not 'talking down'. I really appreciated the chance to attend.”

—Steve McAnulla



“Hi, Bobby I really appreciate what you are doing giving back valuable hard earned information, you truly have a captivating teaching style.”

—Marcos Lopez-Iglesias



“Hey Bobby, My name is Kennedy York and I sat in on your workshop on Friday at The Road Ralley in LA. Man, you are so right on!!! You def made me think.!!! Thanks Bobby, Peace,

—Kennedy York



"Hi Bobby, Just wanted to drop a quick thank you after our meeting in LA at Taxi's Road Rally. You proved to be the most energizing and inspiring speaker in that you produced the most practical ideas on where to head next. We returned to Chicago with a fresh perspective and renewed creativity— what more could we ask for?!"

—Steve Multer



“Dear Bobby, Thank you for your excellent presentation on "How to Market Your CD and Create a Buzz on a Limited Dollar Budget. . . "  Thank you very much for taking the time to help us! All the Best.”

—Christy Gilardi



“Bobby, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the truly valuable information you gave to all of us on Saturday.  Thank you for giving of your time, your energy, joy, passion and talent (that nice little drumming on the table!).  I was busy copying down notes as fast as I could.   It all began to make sense as I listened to you.  Music is such a hard business,  that I knew, but I began to "get it" and more of "it" came together as I listened.  You gave some tools toward success to those people willing to listen and DO. I went immediately over to the store and bought your book, The Musicians Handbook.  I've been reading it ever since.”

—K. Joy Huijbregts


"Wanted to let you know that you are a great teacher. You really have a good way of making people understand things. You have an ability to teach the person that has no clue and make them understand everything perfectly. That in it self is a true talent. I also like how you keep close and try to know  your students....very cool of you. "

—Josh Villalta



Seminar Biography: Medium and Short Form


Medium Bio

Bobby Borg is a former Major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a BA in Professional Music, he serves as a music business educator at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and at the University of Los Angeles in California, and he also arranges educational programs with institutions overseas. As a music business and A&R consultant to managers, labels, and supervisors, Borg is also a prominent guest speaker at music industry events and a regular contributor to international music business publications. He is the author of Billboard Books best-seller The Musician’s Handbook, Music Marketing For The DIY Musician, and Business Basics For Musicians.



Short Bio:

Bobby Borg, major label, DIY and Indie label recording/touring artist, music business educator, A&R consultant to music supervisors, labels and producers, feature magazine columnist, with 25 year experience in the music business. Visit his Website at


Seminar Picture:

Bobby Borg Seminar Photo



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