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One-On-One/Phone Consultations


As a music business consultant, Bobby Borg meets privately with managers, producers, production companies, independent artists, songwriters, educational institutions, and anyone else needing advice in DIY Music Marketing, business, presentation, and career strategy. Borg is available for both hourly telephone consultations and one-on-one or group meetings in Southern California, and Nation-wide (seasonally). 


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1-On-1 Consultation (Los Angeles Area, NYC - Seasonal)

Phone Consultation


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Matters Discussed with the Typical Client
Setting Up An Appointment
Client Letters & Testimonials



Matters Discussed with the Typical Client


Borg’s clients typically seek-out advice in the following matters/concerns:


  • Analyzing songs (broadcast quality issues, style, marketability, and impact
  • Establishing a brand (positioning, sound, image, and consistency)
  • Formulating a DIY Music Marketing plan of attack (press, gigging, radio, Internet, sales, Film and TV licensing, and sponsorship strategies)
  • Putting together promotional materials (physical and electronic press kits, bios and one-sheets, photographs, websites, merchandising, and more)
  • Understanding business basics (band membership agreements, copyright and trademark registration, copyright splits, production agreements, record and publishing deals, music libraries, union matters, and employment agreements)
  • Finding an attorney, personal manager, producer, or musician (vocalists, drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, bass players, DJs, and other artists)
  • Getting service referrals (merchandisers, photographers, webmasters, and radio promoters)
  • Oftentimes clients simply seek a little honest encouragement and motivation!



Setting Up An Appointment


Appointments are set in advance by first sending an email and indicating your primary concerns. If your concerns can be met by simply turning to a page in one of Borg’s resources (such as The Musician’s Handbook Revised), he will indicate such. Because of Borg’s busy schedule, if he determines that you’ll his full personal attention and time in order to meet your needs, a consultation will be recommended. Consultations can be arranged in person or by telephone at a minimum time of 60 minutes.


If you have specific questions you’d like to ask during your consultation, please prepare them in advance to ensure that you get the most out of your meeting. You may record our personal and phone conversations on a Dictaphone if you wish so that you don’t miss a single beat.


Please be clear that Borg’s consultations are in no way intended to promise employment, to offer shopping services, or to provide that magic 1-800 number that will whisk you {or your client} from garage to super stardom.


In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with a scheduled consultation, you will be offered a full refund with no questions asked, as long Mr. Borg is made aware of this dissatisfaction within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled meeting time.


To set-up an appointment with Bobby Borg, click here.





Mr. BORG is offering small businesses discount rates (per 60 minutes) for phone and private consultations. Please note that rates are subject to change and are adjusted depending on the size of the company, extent of an individual project, or the work involved). Mr. Borg will discuss rates with you after you make contact and explain your individual needs and objectives. You can remit payment prior to the meeting by sending a personal check made out to Bobby Borg, P.O Box 18564, Beverly Hills, CA 90209, or by using the link to the easy Pay Pal service at the very bottom of this page.


If Mr. Borg’s services as described above are what you had in mind, please email him and he will contact you to schedule an appointment (time, day, hour, location or call-time. Please be sure to save your appointment information in a safe place and to meet him, or call him, in a timely fashion to ensure that you get all the benefits of a full hour. Thank you very much for your interest.



Client Letters & Testimonials


“Bobby, It was absolutely a pleasure meeting with you yesterday evening. I am beginning to understand the vast knowledge you've acquired throughout your own highs and lows in the music business, and I find your attitude to be exceptional!  Again, I appreciate your time and your professional and personal feedback. Our meeting was fun and informative. Thank you for your passion.”

—Sharine Borslien



“Bobby, it was great to speak with you regarding career advice. It was so very much appreciated—you gave me so much to consider and made me aware of so many potential opportunities. Thanks again for your priceless advice and wisdom on this business of music!”

—Josephine O'Keefe



“Hi Bobby, I thought our phone consultation was very productive and I feel that your comments and suggestions were very useful to my studio project. I am pleased to tell you that after one session with you I was able to immediately apply much of what we discussed and came up with new ideas and arrangements for several songs. Thanks for a great session and I look forward to another one soon.”

—Rodger, Live The day



“Hi Bobby, I Just wanted to let you know that our private session was

Invaluable—you not only answered many of my questions but you gave me a new sense of direction and focus. I felt really comfortable - it was almost like chatting with an old friend - yet it was serious work and I really appreciate your erudite comments and creative ideas about marketing. Many thanks again.”

—Mathew Josepht


To set-up an appointment with Bobby Borg, click here.


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