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Tips To Minfullness, Self Awareness, And Happiness


 Copyright 2016


1) Keep feeding your brain with knowledge (it gives a feeling of growth---a feeling that you're bettering yourself every day.


2) Give knowledge back (volunteer, teach, help others) it gives a feeling of purpose.


3) Stay away from negativity  (i.e., stay away from people who are unhappy with their lives, people who have a false sense of entitlement, people who envy, people who try to manipulate and control), because negativity is an extremely infectious disease.


4) Know how to find a healthy balance between work and play (i.e., know when enough is enough). Too much work, and too much play, can both be bad.


5) Exercise and eat healthy. Know your body and mind are one. If you’re stressed, your body will feel like crap. And if your body feels like crap, you’ll be stressed.


6) Keep finances, bills, receipts in order (try not to owe anyone anything—just the idea of debt can hang over you like a black cloud, and make sure to save).


7) Keep your house clean and orderly (keep your laundry washed, dishes washed, and candles lit). Your surroundings must be peaceful...


8) Enjoy time with old friends and close family (those who have no judgement or agenda for knowing you). There is nothing more empowering than unconditional love.  


9) Be in the wilderness (be outside by the beach, in the mountains, etc). Somehow, it makes you appreciate the very fact that the world, and you, are a miracle. The very fact that you are healthy is a gift!


10) Take the agenda in your career and with your goals. Do not wait around for anyone for anything. If you want something done, then get it done now! Be proactive! This is empowering. 


11) Always maintain an element of independence in your work….Always ask, "Could I deal without this job?" "Do I have something else in line?" Dong this brings a feeling of strength, control, and independence in your life.


12) Don't be afraid to be by yourself: Go to a movie, take yourself out to dinner, treat yourself to a massage (because if there is one person you can always count on to be there for you, it is you. So be good to that person. You deserve it).


Bobby Borg