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12 New Year Resolutions In A Way You've Never Imagined

Copyright © 2017 By Bobby Borg


Sometimes advice that is intended to he helpful can be hurtful, unless it is put into the proper perspective. What follows are 12 New Year resolutions that we’ve all heard time and time again, but presented in a way that some of you may have never considered. 


1. Follow Your Dreams—assuming that your “dream” represents a viable opportunity that compliments your greatest strengths, and that the risks involved have been considered and mitigated. 


2. Just Go For It—assuming that you have clearly defined goals that are specific, measurable, realistic, roadmapped, and time-based. 


3. Don’t Care What Other People Think About You—assuming that it's your haters were talking about and not your customers, fans, target audience. In the latter case, you always want to listen to the people you are trying to successfully serve.  


4. Don’t Feel The Need To Explain/Justify Yourself to Othersassuming that you act in a just and socially-responsible way and “damage control” to your reputation is not needed.


5. Don’t Give A Shit—assuming that you are well-prepared to meet the consequences of your actions and you have fully investigated these consequences. 


6. Just Do What Feels Right!—assuming that what “feels” right is backed by a little research (i.e., verifiable proof). Shooting in the dark is like playing the lottery. 


7. Get Rid of All The Negative People in Your Life—assuming that you’re not confusing negativity with reality, and that you’re not missing out on some much needed practical advice or feedback from caring folks.  


8. Have an Open Mind and Keep Learning—assuming that you’re learning the right stuff from the right people and you’ve got the wherewithal to know the difference. 


9. Exercise Every Day and and Eat Well—assuming that you research the right exercise and diet programs (not fads and unapproved pills) and that you constantly measure the results and adjust accordingly. 


10. Use What You Got To Get What You Need—assuming that “what you “got (charm, good looks, stylish fashion sense) is not used in way to mislead or cheat others. 


11. Fight For Your Right—assuming that the results will be worth the battle.


12. Make a New Year Resolution and Stick With It—assuming you know that a “New Year” can begin on any date you want—whether it be Jan 1, July 22, or Oct 17—and that you realize it’s never too late or too soon to make a change for the better.  





Want to learn more helpful tips? BOBBY BORG is the author of Music Marketing For The DIY Musician: Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack On A Limited Budget (September 2014). The book is available on Hal Leonard website under “Trade Books” (ISBN: 9781480369528), AMAZON, or Bobby Borg (


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