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Copyright © 2015 By Bobby Borg


1. Bio? 


Owner of BobbyBorgConsulting; Instructor UCLA Extension and Musicians Institute; author "Music Marketing For The DIY Musician." 


2. What social media platforms are you on?

I've focused on my Facebook Friend Account maxing it out at 5,000 names @ allowing people 2 subscribe. Just started Twitting more than ever. Please follow me here:


3. For the ones that you aren’t on – why not?

I'm not on Snapchat yet, but I will be now that my target audience is flocking to it. You gotta go where your audience is!


4. Which are the most effective for you?

Facebook has been most effective for me, because my audience has spent most of their time on it! But that's changing...


5. Which are the most effective for drawing people to a live event?  

I take an integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach to attracting fans: a mix of both off and online strategies: Emailing, Texting, Networking, Direct Mailing, and Calling. 


6. Which are the most effective for drawing people For online purchases?

As an author, I draw fans to my website for purchases by writing Blog posts, speaking at conventions, and teaching classes. 


7. How did you build your friends/mailing list?

I built friends by building “them” (i.e., by providing Auditions, Opportunities, and free tips) that they may otherwise never be exposed to. 


8. What’s been your most successful effort?

I created a Campaign called: "Another DIY Reader, Check their Music Out." I asked people to send in pictures holding my new book with a link to their music. I posted the links and pics everywhere exposing them to a network of star studded insiders! People wanted to be part! 


9. Blogging – burden or joy?

I blog for @SonicBids @Hypebot @DIYmusician @Discmakers: It's a joy because the fans seem to enjoy it! 


10. Do you ever consider your age or tone in anything you post?

Always! When creating content, age means the difference between using the phrase: "You Bet Ya' and "You're "Fuckin' Right I do." LOL.


11. Do “Likes” or “Follows” matter in anything that you do?  Why or why not?

"Follows" provide the perception of success, but they mean nothing if you don't have great songs, great sales, and great club draws.


12. What are your thoughts about fake followers? 

It makes you look cool, but Fake fans don’t engage nor buy. I just started using Twitter so my Follows are low, but my account is 92% Clean. Ha ha! Check out Twitter Audit:


13. How often do you get rid of someone from your social media sphere?

My Facebook Friends are maxed. While I allow subscribers, I unfriend inactive names to make way for new friends.


14. Has social media ever led to any career boosts? 

Yes, Social Networks provide a platform to establish TRUST, RESPECT, and RELATIONSHIPS, which boosts awareness and sales. 


15. Have you ever hired someone to do your social media?  Is it a good idea?


No. I'm sure My followers prefer 2 get Tweets from me (and they do), but I totally understand the “hiring thing:” Social media takes a lot of work and a lot of time too! Bands: get your fans to help now! And when you have some money and can afford a social media expert, you might be ready to pick someone carefully to represent! Peace! 


Want to learn more helpful tips? BOBBY BORG is the author of Music Marketing For The DIY Musician: Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack On A Low Budget (September 2014). The book is available on Hal Leonard website under “Trade Books” (ISBN: 9781480369528), AMAZON, or Bobby Borg (



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