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Media Tip: Utilize A Reach Out Strategy


An important aspect of generating good publicity is to build strong relationships with the people who actually help to spread it. This should be done long before ever thinking about sending them materials about your company.


First study the important media persons in your area (like writers and editors) and get to know their work (i.e., their style of writing and the articles they publish). Then send out a notice congratulating them on a recent piece. You might even consider hiring a local writer to pen your band’s bio as an initial means to make contact. Eventually, send a press kit. As your relationships build, ask certain writers for permission to keep them informed of all of your successes in your career—let them know when you packed a certain club or got written-up in another newspaper. Send out holiday greetings and even birthday cards.


And when folks in the media eventually write something nice about you, be sure to send a personal “THANK YOU” card and even chocolates or flowers. In other words, show that you’re interested in building long-lasting relations and that you’re not just another company that is overly consumed with ITSELF and desperate for exposure. Folks in the media really do value relationships and they respect your show of appreciation.” Formulate a reach-out strategy and build solid contacts. 



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