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Advice > Articles > Kmart’s (Shit) Ship My Pants Advert Campaign: What Can Musicians Learn From This! Quick Tip Copyright ©2013 By By Bobby Borg

Kmart’s (Shit) Ship My Pants Advert Campaign: What Can Musicians Learn From This! Quick Tip

Copyright ©2013 By Bobby Borg



Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” ad has been getting a significant amount of attention since it launched. 


On the surface, one might say that the ad is a big success purely because it is funny. 


While humor certainly contributes to the success of an ad, in that it appeals to the emotional needs of the viewer, it’s the unique and relevant benefits an ad communicates that’s most important.


Kmart does offer quite humorously to “ship any product not found in their stores for free.” But is this enough of a benefit to change your buying behavior from shopping at Target on Fairfax in Los Angeles (or some other store) to shopping at Kmart on 3rd? And in the bigger picture, will this ad change the fleeting brand image Kmart has experienced in the last few years? Time will tell. 


In any case, for all my music peeps out there, when throwing together your own ads (posters, flyers, postcards, or whatever), just be sure to include the following elements: 



  • A “strong headline” that’s gets your fan’s attention (perhaps by using a question, command, or a time-sensitive offer); 
  • A “body” that contains the finer product/service details, testimonials, and even pricing); 
  • An “Attractive Graphic” that shows what the product/service looks like; 
  • A “Call to Action” that gets the reader to act now;  
  • A “Signature” (logo, slogan, URL, and contact); and 
  • A Market Information Code (such as a code to help track the poster).


For more information on writing ads, read books like The Copywriters Handbook by Robert Bly, Ogilvy On Advertising by David Ogilvy, and Nuts and Bolts of Marketing by Ira Kalb. Also be sure to check out my site at for one-on-one advice by phone or in-person



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