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How To Deal With The Post Holiday Blues

Copyright 2017 By Bobby Borg 


7 Tips to Combating the Post Holiday Blues


I have always felt pretty rested and amped up for the new year after the holiday season, but many people tell me that they have experienced a bit of sadness after the long holiday season. I looked into this matter with some friends, family, and other authors and comprised a list of a few tips that might help you. These tips may not be for everyone, but one or two might do the trick. 


  1. Know That Christmas is Not Over till it is REALLY over: On a commercial, retail, and school/work schedule level, it might feel like Christmas is over, but on a religious basis, know that Christmas extends far past the date of what most people believe is the end of the holiday. Know that Christmas extends into the month of January (see So keep rejoicing! 
  2. Keep the Decorations up for an Extra Week: Rather than throw the tree to the curbside and take down the lights the day after Christmas or New Years, why not keep some of the cheer around for another week into the New Year, and slowly pack the decorations away? 
  3. Create a Photo Album and Reflect on the Good Times: Devote energy into compiling a photo album or collage of all the great times you experienced over the holidays and put this where you can easily view it, reflect, and be grateful. Share this with your friends and family.
  4. Set a Few Fun Activities into the New Year: Schedule a few fun events with friends and family immediately after the new year that will help extend the good cheer. After all, going from the fast pace of Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Years and then going immediately back to the grind of work and/or school can be a little rough on some.
  5. Get Back Into The Gym and Back on Your Diet, Slowly but Surely: As Nike says, “Just Do It,” but perhaps it is best to just gradually do it—-don’t be too hard on yourself. Create a schedule where you slowly start exercising and cutting back on the fun food, and then hit strong on the second or third week of the new year. 
  6. Understand it is Perfectly Normal to Feel Up and Down Emotionally:  As John Jon Kabat-Zinn states in his book “Wherever You Go, There You Are,” it is as unrealistic to think that life is all highs with no lows just as it is to think that the weather should be always sunny with no rains. When feeling a little low, understand that this may be a naturally reaction to the fast pace you’ve been keeping over the holidays and that you need some time to recover and rejuvenate. So again, take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. 
  7. Use All That Pent Up Energy To Create Something: Earnest Hemmingway once said, "Write hard and clear about what hurts." If you’re feeling a little blue inside, why not use all that pent up energy to journal about it, paint it, or write a special song or lyric about it. Often the process of working through your troubles creatively is therapy within itself. 
  8. Start Making Plans for Next Holiday Season: If really feeling in a funk, start planning for next holiday and hang the itinerary where you can see it. Whether it is planning to take a flight back home to see your folks or planning a ski trip, planning ahead can help you to take advantage of some good sales and give you something cheerful to look forward to. 



Please share these tips with those who can use them. All the best.