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Eight Steps To Creating An Effective Sales Promotion Strategy

Copyright © 2013 By Bobby Borg. All Rights Reserved. 


Sales promotions are short-term incentives intended to stimulate a quick buying response in your target customer. Coupons, one-time exclusive offers, customer loyalty programs, two-for-the-price-of-one discounts, and limited-time-prizes with purchase are all examples of sales promotions. So let’s talk about creating an effective sales promotion strategy that’s right for you. Consider these eight steps: 

    1. Decide on the type of sales promotion that fits your brand: Whether you choose to utilize coupons or an one-time exclusive offer, remember that you must always stay in synch with the desired image you’d like to project into the marketplace. Let’s face it, some sales promotions are not for everybody. Don’t use them, if they are not right for you. 
    2. Decide on the different media you’ll use to deliver your sales promotion: Remember that sales promotions can be delivered using Internet techniques (via email and your personal website), guerilla marketing (via postcards and flyers), direct marketing (via broadsides and text messaging), and face-to-face selling techniques — all discussed in subsequent sections and chapters. The idea is to utilize a few different mediums to ensure that you really get the message out there.
    3. Decide Exactly When the sales promotion will begin and end: Sales promotions must have a clearly defined beginning and an end. Will it be just for the night of a show, for two weeks, or for the entire holiday season? Whatever it is, make it very clear.  
    4. Test the sales promotion on a limited number of people: Before printing a few hundred coupons to send off to your fans, be sure to get some feedback on the words and graphics you use. The idea is to create the most effective promotion that will push your fans’ buttons and get them to take action. 
    5. Keep the purpose of your sales promotion clearly in mind: Be clear on why you are holding a sales promotion and what you’d like to achieve. Is your goal to sell a specific number of units? Is it to introduce your new record and build awareness in the marketplace? 
    6. Control the number of Promotions you hold: Remember that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Sending out emails every other week telling people that they can record in your studio at a “one-time specially reduced price” just looks bad.
    7. Stick to the rules of the promotion: Finally, don’t be tempted to make an offer that is not in line with the rules of the promotion. Doing this can clearly compromise the integrity of the promotion and even your brand. Stick by your own rules!



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