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Advice > Articles > Advertising: So What's In A Good Ad Anyway?

Advertising: So What's In A Good Ad Anyway? 


Copyright © 2015 by Bobby Borg. 



It’s not enough to just create and place an ad—you have to place a great ad! While there are so many techniques to choose from, let’s examine what a good ad does and what it avoids, and then look at some examples.This will help you be more effective in everything from writing print ads, to posters, to fliers, and more. 



What A Good Ad Does 


*Provides a relevant benefit to the target customer and shows what is unique;


*Treats the target customer intelligently yet still persuades him/her to take action;


*Appeals to the emotional needs (sex, humor, belonging, etc.) of the target reader; 


*Appeals to the rational needs (price, practicality, educational, etc.) of the target reader;


*Tells the truth and is transparent;


*Keeps it simple;


*Creates a distinct mood or tone;


*Stimulates the imagination and gets the audience to complete the story in their own minds;


*Offers the price (unless it is a really high-end product) and often a sales coupon;


*Leaves a positive impression of the brand;


*Makes a promise;


*Makes the target audience feel as if they can be part of an exclusive club


*Gets the target audience to see a product in a certain way;


*Triggers a conversation and inspires the audience to share it with friends;


*Drives the target customer to a URL;


*Gets attention, holds interests, arouses desire, obtains action.




What An Ad Avoids 




*Confusion (the use of too many different fonts or styles);

*Criticism (of other companies, since this is seen as unprofessional);

*Superlatives (overly superior words like “unsurpassed,” “unrivaled,” and “first-rate”);

*False Promises (things a company can never execute);


*Creativity for creativity’s sake; and

*Negatives (using  words like no, not, doesn’t, etc.).



So how does the above criteria check out with some of the adverts you see during the super bowl, during the holidays, or during any other time?








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