Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

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Business Basics for Musicians

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Bobby Borg, MCM, is a former recording/touring artist and equipment endorsee with over 30 years experience in the music industry. He served as the VP of Special Events for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Marketing Association, Interim Chairman of Music Business at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California, and lecturer of music business at institutions like Berklee College of Music, University of Southern California, and University of California Los Angeles where he was awarded (by students and staff) as “Distinguished Instructor.” Borg is also the author of three widely-read books and over 1,000 highly publicized magazine and blog articles. He is also the founder of Bobby Borg Consulting, where he currently helps independent artists and music business professionals around the globe turn their art into a more successful business. Borg holds a BA (with honors) from Berklee College of Music, certificates from UCLA, and a Masters (Phi Kappa Phi) from the University of Southern California. He lives in Los Angeles. Borg is excited about helping you succeed!  Read Full Bio






1) Tell us about your new books: Music Marketing For the DIY Musician and Business Basics For Musicians


Music Marketing For The DIY Musician is a step-by-step guide to producing a fully integrated, customized, low-budget plan of attack for artists marketing their own music.

The goal is to help artists take control of their own destinies, save money and time, and eventually draw the full attention of top music industry professionals. It’s ultimately about making music that matters—and music that gets heard!  Read Full Interview