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Welcome January 2020 Guests.


Musicians, Songwriters, Music Managers, Record Producers, DJs, Start-up Record Companies, and anyone else interested in a successful career in music, on this site, you can:

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Our Mission is Simple: "To Help Music Professionals Turn Their Art Into a More Successful Business."


"If You Want To Learn More About The Basics From Someone Who's Lived Through It And Succeeded."

—Neil Gillis, President  Round Hill Music Publishing, NYC.



What's New This Year 2020 




Music Marketing For The DIY Musician and Business Basics For Musicians are now out in fresh revissions of the classics covering all of the most current ideas and concepts. New chapters, interviews and tips from 2020 to 2025. Be sure to order your autographed copy NOW.  



2. Video Series on Grove3

Check out the new streaming video series and book for music marketing for the DIY Musician. Watch trailer NOW.   and then be sure to check out this link to go to Grove3's website.  



3. Free Video Blog For 2020-2022

A series of video clips will be released every week for two years stratight coming soon. if you want to sign up, click here.



4. Old Warrant Footage Live In New York Just found

Check out this old footage for a live show recorded from the boards in New York back in 1995. Wow, I don't even remember doing this show, but it is certainly me up there playing. Check it out by clicking here