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Musician’s Crash Course DVD Footage


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Crash Course DVD

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“Musician's Crash course is a great vehicle to understanding the many aspects of the music industry. I took the course in 2005, and now I’m the number 1 assistant to the most powerful Agent in Urban Music at the William Morris Agency!”
 —Natosha Y. Cox



Bobby Borg’s Musician’s Crash Course: Live DVD Footage features over twenty-five top industry guests in panel discussions, class lectures, and chalkboard presentations. This is “Reality” Music Biz 101. Get career-changing answers to important questions and issues with this 75-minute presentation based on Borg’s UCLA class and best selling Billboard publication The Musician’s Handbook.


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Courses Included

  • Pursuing A Career In The New Music Industry
  • Understanding Business Relationships
  • Putting Together Your Professional Team
  • Record Royalties & Advances/Sales & Distribution
  • Music Publishing
  • Live Performance/Touring/Merchandising
  • Bonus Footage with heated debates, song critiques, and interviews


Take The Crash Course Here, So That You Don’t Crash And Burn Out There!




“The Musician's Crash Course is a forward thinking educational class heavy on being proactive with your career. Hallelujah Holla Back!”
Brian Demby, Independent Artist


“This class was amazing! Most of all, I think that what made this class so incredible was Bobby’s respect and dedication to his students.”
Kimberely Simonetti, Singer/Songwriter


“Amazing things have materialized for ME since taking Bobby’s class. The Crash Course (and handbook) Rocks for life!”
Laura Kelly, BlackMobb Entertainment.




Bobby Borg is a former Major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a BA in Professional Music, he serves as a music business educator at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and at the University of Los Angeles in California, and he also arranges educational programs with institutions overseas. Borg is also an advisor to The UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies Department.





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