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Musician’s Crash Course CD Interview Series


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Crash Course CD - Interview Series



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The Musician’s Crash Course Interview Series features a broad overview of the music business based on the best-selling book The Musician’s Handbook. Interview hosts Holleywood & Brewski of FLORID-ALIVE Productions lead 45 minutes of audio interviews on a variety of key topics that you want and need to hear. Read the book and listen to the CD. This is Music Business While Your Mobile.


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Tracks Included


01: Intro…1:34
02: Preface….1:19
03: A Note from Ryan Cooper…0.25


Part 1

O4: Pursuing a Career In The New Music Business…3:24
05: A Note from Shawna Hillary…0.18


Part 2

06: Band Membership…4:01
07: A Note from Dina LaPolt…0:22


Part 3

08:Your Attorney…2:19
09: Your Manager…3:36
10: Intermission…1:14
11: Your Producer…4:05
12: A Note from Jeff Webber…0:58

Part 4:

13: Record Royalties and Advances…3:49
14: Music Publishing…3:41
15: Live Performance and Touring…5:27
16: A Note from John Braheny…0:34
17: Outro…1:45





Here’s a few words from the fans of The Musician’s Crash Course Interview Series: 

Full of Enthusiasm

High Energy

Up To Date/Cool

You’ll learn More Than Expected

A Great Way To Review The Music Business While Your Stuck In Traffic




Bobby Borg is a former Major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a BA in Professional Music, he serves as a music business educator at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and at the University of Los Angeles in California, and he also arranges educational programs with institutions overseas.




Bobby Borg / Uptown/Downtown Productions

P.O Box 18564

Beverly Hills, CA 90209

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