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Rudimental Combinations


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Rudimental Combinations is a unique approach combining the 26 standard rudiments in exercises and etude solos to help master the rudiments and build chops.

The concept for Rudimental Combinations began in1988 when I was trying to develop an efficient method for practicing all of the rudiments while still having time to work on other areas of my drumming. By combining various rudiments into more interesting patterns, I developed a Condensed Rudimental Overview, a combination of the 26 rudiments into ten exercises. Seeing the benefits of such an exercise, Modern Drummer Magazine accepted this segment for publication in its Strictly Technique column.

Serving its purpose as a great rudimental review, I still felt that I should focus more on at least one rudimental group each day. Therefore, I divided the rudiments into five groups: 1) Paradiddles, 2) Drags and ruffs, 3) Flams, 4) Double strokes, and 5) Single strokes and then created additional exercises and etudes for each of these categories.

As an overall routine, practicing the Condensed Rudimental Overview in addition to the exercises in one of the five rudimental categories (alternating each section over a five day period), proved to be an effective and efficient routine in the development of rudimental control and physical ability. I am confident that you, as have many other students at fine institutions around the country, will find this book to be extremely helpful in learning the 26 standard rudiments and building solid chops and endurance. Enjoy. Download Free Sample.


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1) Rudimental Review: The Twenty-Six Standard Rudiments
2) Condensed Rudimental Overview with Combinations
3) Paradiddle Combination Studies
4) Drag and Ruff Combination Studies
5) Double Stroke Combination Studies
6) Flam Combination Studies
7) Single Stroke Combination Studies




Bobby Borg is an international recording and touring musician with over 25 years of experience in music. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a BA in professional Music and has studied under some of the world’s most respected drummers. Borg teaches music privately with a student-base that spans the country. He authored several drum instructional books and his techniques have been published in Modern Drummer magazine. As a major label, independent, and DIY recording artist, he toured the United States, Japan, Mexico, Tahitti, and Russia. He is noted for his energetic and powerful style. Download Free Sample


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