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What's Your Musical And Career Purpose?

Copyright 2013 By Bobby Borg.


Can You Define Your Musical and Career Purpose? 

Knowing your musical purpose can help give you direction, build a consistent brand, and focus on an unfilled market need that can help you to succeed.


Consider this: 



RTT will capitalize on the young adult generation’s need to hear new and exciting music and to be part of an important and higher cause. It will do this by uniquely providing a blend of rock, rap, and techno rave styles, and by uniquely focusing on extremely sensitive political and world issues. Research via Billboard and CMJ charts affirm that there are no other bands that fuse rock, rap, and techno rave styles with a strong political message. Research via The National Center for Education Statistics indicates that there is a growing interest among young Americans in political news and change since the Obama election of 2008.


So, what’s your musical and career purpose? Don't just create in a vacuum and use "hope" as your number one strategy. 


Give your career the direction it needs to succeed.



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