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NoiseTrade: 1. Upload your songs. 2. Offer it as a free download in exchange for downloader’s email address, 3. And Build your email list and exposure. 


Indie on the Move: 1. Search for venues across the United States, 2. see what other artists are saying about these venues, 3. and book a successful indie tour.  


SoundCloud: 1. Post your songs, 2. get valuable feedback from Music Lovers searching for new music, 3. and make New fans.


Mailchimp: 1. upload your email lists, 2. market directly to fans who want to be on your list, and 3. measure your marketing with helpful analytics that tell you who opened your emails. 


Songtrust: 1. Get help with collecting music publishing royalties generated from live performances, streams, and synchs globally, 2. receive the peace of mind that it is being handled correctly, 3. And get out of the deal if you want after a short limited time. 


Bandzoogle: 1. Make an affordable and decent looking website with a lot of functionality, 2. attract fans from your social networks and engage them on your turf with pictures, music, tour dates, and 3. build stronger customer relationships. 


Sonicbids: 1. Create an attractive and clean looking EPK, send It to promoters and other industry professionals, 2. get your band exposed,  and 3. get your band work.


Hypebot, Sonicbids, MusicThinkTank, Lefsetz Letter: 1. Get the latest music business advice for free in clear and simple language, 2. stay up-to-date on the latest trends, 3. And expand your brain. 


Twitter with HootSuite and Bitly: 1. Post micro-activity of what’s going on in your world, 2. tag relevant people to your posts and get them to retweet to their list of people, 3. And program Tweets several weeks in advance with Bitly (tiny) links to your website and other cool destinations. 


Youtube: 1. Post humorous/shocking/fan-generated/life-style videos, 2. get plays and comments, 3. And attract attention to those who can help you. 


Score (sponsored by The the Small Business Administration): 1. receive free mentorship from industry professionals, 2. participate in helpful workshops for a low cost, 3. And feel confident that you are getting quality information.


Music Business Registries: 1. get up-to-date contacts for music publishers/attorneys/managers, 2. know “who is who” in the industry, 2. and make important contacts. 


Indie Bible: 1. get the contacts of hundreds of radio stations/club owners/bloggers, 2. get in touch with these folks, And 3. get your music reviewed/played/booked/broadcast/licensed.  


Mint: 1. Upload all of your bank and credit card information, 2. receive budget tips based on your spending, And 3. keep track of all your financials in one convenient place from your phone. 


Evernote, Onenote, Google Keep: 1. Research you favorite bloggers/clubs/social media sites, 2. clip the web pages/address/articles and save them all in one place, 3. And share and edit the information “in the cloud” with your Marketing team 


Radio-locator: Create a list of radio stations from around the country, 2. service and promote your music to these stations, 3. And receive exposure and make new contacts. 


Branders: 1. Create a wide-range of cool merchandise products ranging from your logo on candies/rolling papers, and vapor pipes, 2. increase revenue while out on the road, 3. And spread the word about your brand. 


Kat Corbet’s Local’s Only Show: 1. Submit your music and get played on A major radio station, 2. get inspired to service other “specialty shows around the country,” 3. And get heard by major players in the radio world. 


Pumpaudio: 1. Get your music exposed to music supervisors and other song pluggers, 2. Get licensed in television and film, 3. And reach a new audience. 





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