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By Bobby Borg. Copyright © 2012. WWW.BOBBYBORG.COM 



Choosing a band slogan or tagline (the two terms  are often used interchangeably) can be a useful step in building your organization’s brand identity. Slogans can provide further information about the brand, communicate an overall philosophy, increase memorability, and/or give off a certain personality.


While you may not think that band slogans are regularly used, you’d be surprised at the very successful entertainers that do incorporate them into their marketing—from Ozzie to Aretha Franklin. 


While it is unclear whether some of these names are actually self-started or formed in the press and later adopted, here are a few examples that I was able to uncover. 


  • That Lil ol’ Band from Texas: ZZ Top uses this on their website and in the press
  • Fine Malt Lyrics: House of Pain uses this directly in their logo
  • Ace Drummer Man: The late great Gene Krupa adapted this in his advertising and publicity
  • The Greatest Bass Player in the World: Jaco Pastorius literally introduced himself this way
  • The Greatest Rock Band in the World: Rolling Stones’ manager used this to announce the band nightly
  • The Boss: Bruce Springsteen and “The Boss” are often used interchangeably everywhere you look
  • The Loudest Band in the World: Manowar used this and is actually in The Guinness World Book of Records for being the loudest
  • The King of Blues: BB King uses this on his website and other public relations material
  • The Prince of Darkness: Ozzy used this in various public relations matters
  • The King of Swing: Benny Goodman used this on his concert posters
  • The Chairman of the Board: Frank Sinatra commonly used this in his marketing
  • The Fab Four: The Beatles adopted this phrase in their publicity posters and other media
  • The Piano Man: Billy Joel released a record of the same name and used the slogan in his publicity
  • The Bad Boys of Rock and Roll: Aerosmith and Quiet Riot used this to promote themselves
  • The Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin uses this tagline in all of her publicity
  • The Godfather of Punk: Iggy Pop regularly uses this line in his press materials
  • The Father of Rock and Roll: Chuck Berry's Website immortalizes Berry in this way and so do many historians


So what’s your tagline? Whatever it is, just be sure to provide further information about the brand, communicate an overall philosophy, increase memorability, give off a certain personality, make it concise, memorable, and believable. Got it? Good!


I hope you found this helpful. Peace. Bobby Borg Consulting: “Helping music business professionals turn their art into a more successful business.” 



Bobby Borg is the owner of Bobby Borg Music Business Consulting. He is former major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring artist, educator at Musician’s Institute and UCLA Extension, guest speaker, contributor to international publications, and the VP of Special Events for the American Marketing Association. He is also the author of Billboard Books best-seller The Musician’s Handbook. Look for new books released by Borg Soon.


This Article: Copyright © 2012 By Bobby Borg All Rights Reserved. Not to be posted, printed, or used in any other way without the written permission of Borg. 


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