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Have you ever looked forward two years from a point in your teen or adult life and felt that it was a long time away? We sometimes do this as an excuse to procrastinate from doing challenging, unpleasant, or painful things. We say, “Oh, I have plenty of time to get around to doing it. “


Conversely, have you ever looked back two years from a point in your teen or adult life and felt that time had passed you by incredibly fast? We usually do this at a low moment in our lives in regret for all we didn’t accomplish. We say, “God, I can’t believe how fast time has flown by—I could be half way through that college degree I wanted by now. Or, I could be two-thirds the way through grad school. I could have X dollars in the bank if I started saving just X dollars out of each paycheck. I could be two years into running my own business rather than still working at this crappy job. I could be much healthier and in better shape if I only started when I said I would. I could be two years into a new relationship with someone that appreciates me rather than being in a toxic relationship like the one I’m still in.”  Get the point.


Don’t be that tragic person who looks back on his/her life and says, “I could have.” Instead, take a look right now at the incredible opportunity that we all have been given; the opportunity of life itself—one of the greatest miracles ever. Every single day you don’t do “something” becomes yet another “something” you could have gotten done.

I did start working toward my college degree. I did enroll for grad school. I did save X dollars in the bank out of each paycheck and am looking toward buying that house. Ahhhhhhh, the sweet ring of this all.

Never say, “I could have,” but rather, “I did.”


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