Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

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Business Basics for Musicians

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Welcome November 2015 Guests.

Musicians, Managers, Producers, Start-up Record Companies, and anyone else interested in a successful career in music, are you:

1. Interested in taking more charge of your career?

2. Finding ways to save more time and make more money?

3. Looking for clear, experienced, and down-to-earth advice?

Our Mission is Simple: To Help Music Professionals Turn Their Art Into a More Successful Business.


We offer consults, classes, seminars, books, and other solutions to your needs. Got a special concern? Tell Me Here.


"If You Want To Learn More About The Basics From Someone Who's Lived Through It And Succeeded."

—Neil Gillis, President  Round Hill Music Publishing, NYC.


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New Book: Business Basics

Business Basics For Musicians is out in the stores. This is the layman's Guide To The Music Industry. Check this out you guys! 


Berklee Today Feature Article

BERKLEE TODAY Feature: Excerpt Music Marketing For The DIY Musician…..P 18, 19, and 20! Check it here. 



New Article: How To Deal With Negative Feedback Of Your Songs

Bobby Borg gives you 5 tips TO minimize the sting and turn it into something productive. Read it Here




New Book Reviewed In Germany

Music Marketing For The DIY Musician reviewed in Germany. Click to read it here.



New Book Out: Music Marketing 

MAKE MUSIC THAT MATTERS AND MUSIC THAT GETS HEARD! Bobby Borg, former major label, Indie, and DIY recording artist turned artist advocate, releases his new book: Music Marketing For The DIY Musician. Borg clearly reinterprets tried-and-tested marketing concepts used by the most innovative companies, and breaks them down into powerful steps that you can immediately use to set your career on the right course. This book will leave you supercharged with new and creative ideas that will ultimately help you to “attract the attention of those that can help you by first helping yourself.” See it here:



Book Review on Total Music Magazine

"This could just be the most important book you will ever buy..." Read it here. 



Book Review on Harmony Central

Ara Ajizian reviews Music Marketing For The DIY Musician in Harmony Central. Great review. Please click here now to check it out. 



New Class Starting: UCLA 

Are you looking for a systematic approach to getting to that next level of your career? Do you want to make music that matters, and music that gets heard? Are you confused by all of the fly-by-night companies and tools that flood the marketplace? Then this engaging class of practical ideas is for you!  See more here. 




New Podcast Converstion: Fun!!!



More Bobby Borg: Press Play

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