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Welcome February 2017 Guests.

Musicians, Songwriters, Music Managers, Record Producers, DJs, Start-up Record Companies, and anyone else interested in a successful career in music, on this site, you can:

1. Read/Watch Featured Music Business Articles and/or music business Videos


2. Purchase autographed copies of Best Selling Music Business Books: Music Marketing For The DIY Musician, and Business Basics For Musicians and receive special value-added CDs and DVDs available exclusively on this site only. 


3. Participate in One on One Personal Conultations, and/or attend a music business seminar and/or a music business class online or on campus via UCLA Extension.

Our Mission is Simple: "To Help Music Professionals Turn Their Art Into a More Successful Business."


"If You Want To Learn More About The Basics From Someone Who's Lived Through It And Succeeded."

—Neil Gillis, President  Round Hill Music Publishing, NYC.



What's New IN 2017

1. Book Review in Total Music Magazine

Check out the review of Bisiness Basics For Musicians and Five Star Music Makeober in London's Total Music Magazine. Click here to read.




2. New Classes Starting at UCLA 

Learn fundemental marketing concepts to find your vision, create effective strategies to achieve your goals, and plot effective executution strategies to get things done on time, schedule, and budget. Sign up for the UCLA Extension course now before space runs out. Check out the Online class you can take from anywhere in the country here. 




3. The New Year: 2017

Check out this article: 2017: 12 New Year's resolutions in a way you have never thought about them. Read it here.



4. The Future of The Music Industry 2017 and Beyond.

Find out what is happening in 2017. Read it here. 


5. Suffering From Post Holiday Blues? 

Check out this article that just might help kick start your new year. Read it here.




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